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You can have online or face to face hypnosis (hypnotherapy) sessions in English.

hyp english 1If Turkish is not your native language and you are looking for an English speaking hypnotherapist in Istanbul, I would be happy to assist you with any issues you wish to overcome with the help of Hypnosis  or Psychotherapy. If you live in Istanbul, you can attend our face-to-face therapy sessions (by appointment) at our office, located in an exclusive location in Istanbul’s Kadıköy/Caddebostan district. Online sessions are also available.

If you’re looking for an English speaking hypnotherapist in Istanbul to experience hypnosis in English, you have two options: We can offer face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions by appointment, or if you live in another city (or another country), you can choose to have online hypnosis sessions in English (Skype sessions). According to the nature of the issue, the sessions might include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) rather than hypnotherapy. 

“Face-to-Face” or “Online” Hypnosis Sessions are Optional

Online hypnosis or psychotherapy sessions are tailored to your individual needs and situation, just as in-person sessions would be. Psychotherapy or Hypnosis in English is as effective as the sessions you would get in your native language, if you’re able to understand what you read on this page.  

I suggest you to prefer having “face-to face sessions”. But if you’re not living in Istanbul or not able to come to our office due to other reasons, no problem. Online hypnotherapy in English can be held in the comfort of your own home, as online hypnosis sessions are conducted via Skype. Online therapy often works the same as face-to-face sessions, with a qualified and certified clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist. However there may be some specific hypnosis techniques or problems which your therapist may not want to work with you online, or even in-person. (Like some psychotic or personality disorder issues). So after our initial conversation about your issue, I may recommend you to go to a psychiatrist first (not psychologist), or I might need to work with you face to face. Or perhaps a combination of online and face to face sessions might be needed. We’ll discuss about that in our initial e-mail/phone conversation.

If you have had hypnosis sessions before or it is your first time working with a new hypnotherapist; then it would be a good idea to have an initial short conversation before the first session, to discuss about what you are struggling with (any specific problems you need to overcome; any behaviours you want to change; what you hope to get from hypnotherapy, etc), so that we can understand if hypnosis is suitable for your specific needs and expectations.

What you can expect from our phone or e-mail conversation before our first session:

  • Discuss your objectives, goals, and intentions;
  • Discuss if hypnotherapy is right for you;
  • Determine the best process to help you achieve your goals.

Hypnosis in English is Suitable For:

  • English native speakers (obviously!)
  • Clients whose mother tongue is neither English nor Turkish, but who are confident in their English speaking skills. (If you fully understand what you are reading on this page, this is a sufficient level of English to take full advantage of “Hypnosis in English”).
  • For people who speak Turkish or other languages, but feel that they can rely more on English than their mother tongue while receiving hypnotic suggestions in a state of deep relaxation.

Here is a summary of the main information about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy on our website, and the answers of some frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy sessions:

First Session Structure:

hipnoterapi nedir

First session will be a conversational session where we talk in detail, to understand your personality traits and the dynamics of the presented issue. Typically, we will talk through the method we plan to use to help give you a better idea of what to expect.  We will have a detailed discussion about the past and present of your problem and set our goals. We will clearly define your needs, structure the following sessions and our session goals. In this first session, we will also understand whether there are possible physiological factors accompanying the problem. In the light of the information in this first session, we will design a therapy strategy that suits your characteristics and needs. It might be Hypnotherapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, depending on the nature of the presented issue.

In the following sessions, we will move on to the therapy process. We need to do this initial conversational session first, to reveal the components of the presented issue in detail, so that we can move on to the therapy process.

How Quickly Does Hypnosis Work?

The good news is that hypnosis is safe, effective, and works very quickly compared to other types of therapy. But, hypnosis is not a magic wand. In most cases, results won’t happen overnight. Benefits can usually be observed within a few weeks. As with all types of hypnotherapy, how quickly it works for you – and how long those initial results last – can vary from person to person, depending on the subject. One of two people receiving hypnotherapy for the same problem may need arround 3-6 sessions, while another may need 7-8 sessions or even more or less sessions, depending on the components of the presented issue and the client’s hypnotic susceptibility. 

You may see positive changes straight away in 2-3 sessions (such as in stop smoking sessions), or it may take a series of sessions like 8 to 12 sessions (such as in weight loss or anxity disorder therapies), for these new ideas to take hold and start showing results. Every individual is different. Reinforcing these new, positive ideas by using listening to your own live session’s voice recording (mp3) between sessions can help you to take hold and have a more lasting effect. So I will record our session and send you your own session’s mp3 for you to listen every day or whenever need to. Listening your own sessions’ voice recordings will reinforce the suggestions and help you overcome your issue as fast as possible.

Frequency of Sessions in English

We will conduct our CBT and/or hypnotherapy sessions once or twice a week (ideally once a week) and observe your progress together as we proceed with the sessions.

What is a Typical Hypnosis Session Like?

Most sessions help lead you into a deep state of relaxation, which then allows the hypnotherapist to make positive suggestions about different ways you can handle a particular situation, issue, change your automatic reaction or negative behaviour. You’ll enjoy your sessions for sure.

hipnozla tedavi, hipnozla terapi hipnoterapiI assume that you’ve allready made your investigation in internet to understand what hypnosis really is. But to make sure that you have no misconceptions, let me emphasiase some important points:

Unlike some dramatic depictions of hypnosis in movies, books, or on stage hypnosis shows, you will not be unconscious, asleep or out of control in any way. A person in hypnosis is not asleep. In fact, they are often more aware of what is going on and their senses are working more efficiently than usual during this hypnotic state of mind. The state of hypnosis is a completely natural phenomenon. It is a very pleasant and especially relaxing feeling. One can easily have a conversation while in this state of mind. It is inconceivable that any harm could befall them.

A simple definition of hypnosis is: “a state of deep relaxation and concentration, combined with a heightened state of awareness induced by suggestion”. Hypnotherapy is the process of inducing a trance like state (not sleep), to help improve communication between your conscious and subconscious mind, with the help of a certified hypnotherapist. In this state of mind, clients can turn their attention completely inward, to find and use the natural resources within themselves which can help them make the required changes or regain control in certain areas of their lives.

No one could possibly be compelled to do or say anything against their own will under hypnosis. If such an action is suggested, the person would immediately come out of hypnosis. It is important to know that hypnosis is not a loss of controll. It is actually a highly focused state of mind. The vast majority of people can be hypnotized.

Do We Guarantee The Results?

The most important factor is willingness. Recognising that you have a problem or issue that you need help or support with, is the first step. If you have made a decision to solve your issue, then most likely hypnosis will work for you! But although hypnosis is incredibly powerful and effective, you need to understand that this is not a passive process. It requires the participation and cooperation of the client. The “magic” happens when the agreement is done between the conscious and unconscious mind. And this requires a conscious commitment of the client as well, to generate the change.

The hypnotherapist will be guiding you in this process. The results are a reflection of an individual’s desire to change and ability to follow the guidance of the hypnotherapist. If it is really YOU who wants to change, you will most probably experience absolutely phenomenal results through hypnotherapy in English or in any language you prefer. However, we cannot guarantee the determination or commitment level of any one individual. 

There is no guarantee with any type of therapeutic or medical intervention, whether it is hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, prescribed medicine, even surgery and so on.

Whatever the method used is; just as with Covid-19 vaccines or drugs used for any disease; some people may benefit more, while others may benefit less. For example, some of the people infected with the Corona virus survive this disease with a mild fever in 3-5 days, while some others are hospitalized and intubated. Some stay in the hospital for months… and some of them can not recover, even if the death rate of Corona is relatively very low, right? (arround %3).

While the virus is the same virus for everyone, the people are different. Every person is unique. Although the treatments applied are the same for each individual in a hospital, the results can be different for everyone. Because every person is different. 

Not every method can give the same success rate for everybody. The same logic applies to all therapy models. The results and process’ are different for each person. Every person is unique.   

Our advise therefore is to only engage in hypnotherapy if it is YOU who want the changes. It’s never a good idea to seek change through hypnosis or psychotherapy just because your spouse, parent or your friend thinks that you should get hypnotherapy. The best advise I can give you is to wait until you are truly ready yourself and it is your own decision.

If you’re looking for an English speaking hypnotherapist in istanbul, I’ll be glad to help you with all my experience. If you’re ready to cooperate, I’m pretty sure we’ll get good results. Because if I feel that the client is not ready for such an intensive therapy process that requires teamwork, I do not proceed with the sessions.

Legal Disclaimer: If you have been diagnosed with psychosis or certain types of personality disorder, ve recommend you not to try hypnotherapy, as it might make your condition worse. Hypnotherapy is not a magic cure which can be used for every problem. If in doubt, speak with your psychiatrist doctor, before exploring your options.

Can I Pay the Session Fees Online?

Yes. You can do your session payments online, through our secure online payment system, hosted and integrated to our website by “PayTR Virtual POS and Payment Solutions”. How it works is; we create a private payment link on the name of our client through our secure payment system. Then we e-mail the private payment link to our client when the session appointment is booked. You can easily complete your payment by clicking the private link provided (All in English). You can use any international creddit card to complete your payment succesfully. Or you can choose to do your payment by bank wire transfer. You can also prefer to pay through “Western Union“.

Hypnotistanbul.com uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure the security of your information. SSL technology secures your information by encrypting it and prevents your personal and credit card information from falling into the hands of others. Your personal payment information is never kept in Hypnotistanbul. We have absolutely no access to your card information. Our solution partner for the online payment system used on our site is “PayTR Virtual POS and Payment Solutions”.

PayTR is not just a payment/collection tool. At the same time, PayTR provides both the payment security of the stores and the card security of the store customers with its advanced PCI DSS compliant technical infrastructure and experienced personnel in the field of security. PayTR has been serving in the payment services sector since 2009 and is an organization, which has managed to become a reliable solution partner in the sector with its advanced solutions, customer-oriented approach, strong infrastructure. PayTR was included in the list of 2014 winners of the “Turkey’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies” competition conducted by TEPAV and AllWorld Network under the leadership of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

Click here for further info about our secure online payment system.

About Me

english speaking hypnotherapist in Istanbul, hypnosis in englishClinical Psychologist Burak Uçkun received his hypnotherapy diploma at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI – College of Hypnotherapy) in Los Angeles (founded in 1968), which is the first nationally accredited hypnotherapy academy in the world and USA. The hypnotherapy program and diploma of this institute is the only accredited program of its kind and is approved by the “American Hypnosis Association”. The founder of this world famous academy is Dr. John Kappas He is considered one of the most important figures in the field of Hypnosis and wrote the official definition of the titles “Hypnotherapist” and “Hypnotist” for the “Federal Dictionary of Professional Titles” of the USA in 1973 which is still in valid by law today. As a proud graduate of this academy, Burak Uçkun is listed in the American Hypnosis Association’s “accredited hypnotherapists” directory. 

Burak has completed his “Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology” at Beykent University, Istanbul. His graduation dissertation thesis was about “Treatment of Flying Phobia With the Aid of Hypnosis and Virtual Reality Therapy”. He completed his licence degree in Psychology with a high honour degree, in Nisantasi University, Istanbul. He completed his internship at French La Paix Hospital (founded in 1857) which is the first psychiatric hospital of Turkiye. He is also conducting Hypnotherapy certification courses for psychologists and doctors, in Istanbul and other cities in Turkiye.

He is the founder of Hypnotistanbul Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Clinic and he is also the founder of Hypnozine.com, which is a “mind and body magazine” consisting of articles written by guest writers (professionals such as psychologists, family therapists, doctors, counsellors etc) from all arround the world.


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    Picture of Klinik Psikolog BURAK UÇKUN

    Klinik Psikolog BURAK UÇKUN

    Hipnoterapi diplomasını dünyanın ulusal akreditasyona sahip ilk hipnoterapi akademisi olan, ABD Los Angeles’taki HMI College of Hypnotherapy‘de aldı. Lisans eğitimini yüksek onur derecesiyle ve bölüm ikincisi olarak mezun olduğu İstanbul Nişantaşı Üniversitesi, “Psikoloji” bölümünde tamamladı. “Klinik Psikoloji” alanında Yüksek Lisans eğitimini (tezli) İstanbul Beykent Üniversitesi‘nde başarıyla tamamlayarak Uzman Klinik Psikolog unvanını aldı. Ayrıca inşaat mühendisliği lisans diplomasına da sahip olan Klinik Psikolog Burak Uçkun, "American Hypnosis Association" akredite hipnoterapistler listesinde yer almaktadır. Yetişkinler için Bilişsel Davranışçı Terapi ve Hipnoterapi yönelimli psikoterapi hizmetleri vermekle beraber alandaki uzmanlara Hipnoz eğitimleri de vermektedir.

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    Picture of Klinik Psikolog BURAK UÇKUN

    Klinik Psikolog BURAK UÇKUN

    Hipnoterapi diplomasını dünyanın ulusal akreditasyona sahip ilk hipnoterapi akademisi olan, ABD Los Angeles’taki HMI College of Hypnotherapy‘de aldı. Lisans eğitimini yüksek onur derecesiyle ve bölüm ikincisi olarak mezun olduğu İstanbul Nişantaşı Üniversitesi, “Psikoloji” bölümünde tamamladı. “Klinik Psikoloji” alanında Yüksek Lisans eğitimini (tezli) İstanbul Beykent Üniversitesi‘nde başarıyla tamamlayarak Uzman Klinik Psikolog unvanını aldı. Ayrıca inşaat mühendisliği lisans diplomasına da sahip olan Klinik Psikolog Burak Uçkun, "American Hypnosis Association" akredite hipnoterapistler listesinde yer almaktadır. Yetişkinler için Bilişsel Davranışçı Terapi ve Hipnoterapi yönelimli psikoterapi hizmetleri vermekle beraber alandaki uzmanlara Hipnoz eğitimleri de vermektedir.

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